Tamar & Raphael’s Arctic Club Wedding

14 Mar

Tamar & Raphael’s classic, timeless wedding took place at the breathtaking Arctic Club venue in Seattle (another one of my very favorite venues – it’s seriously in a league of its own…) Take a peek at the amazing photography below by the uber-talented Kimberly & Loren from Alante Photography…and gasp…try to catch your breath…







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These pics transport me… I feel like they could easily be a background in Paris…









The Northern Lights room is like walking into another era – With all the Tiffany period glass, you swear time just stands still.




And hats off to Alante Photography  – If you are looking for the best of the best Seattle has to offer, try to book with them, they are top notch! C’est tres bien!!!

Thank you Raphael & Tamar for letting me be a part of your special day! And now back to real-time… 🙂


Lauren & Dan’s Wedding at the Edgewater

24 Jan

Happy 2013!!  Man, how time flies by – what a lovely year 2012 was filled with beautiful brides, weddings, and of course floral-goodness!

One of my resolutions for the new year is to keep my blog up. What a lapse between the last entry (June? What?!) but seriously, last season was so jam-packed-busy and never really ended…It just keeps going and going…  Love it! 🙂   And it made for some gorgeous pics I can’t wait to share!

This next wedding was truly a sentimental, special one. Lauren was one of my distance brides from the East Coast, so a lot of planning was done via email for their destination wedding at the amazing Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. After meeting once, I couldn’t wait to bring to life her ideas of bouquets and centerpieces in warm hues – reminiscent of the Texas sunsets of her childhood.


…bridesmaids bouquets starting in darker oranges fading down the spectrum to dusky light pinks, with the bride’s bouquet including a touch of all the sunny hues…

Lauren also wanted to keep everything very clean and contemporary – which when working with such a large palette of color is sometimes hard to do. But her and Dan’s wedding at the Edgewater couldn’t have turned out more spectacular with God supplying the most amazing sunset…a divine final touch! I’m sure every guest left that evening feeling like they were a part of something really special…

laurenanddana-425 laurenanddana-442 laurenanddana-427



On a creative note, I think this was one of my fave’s. So many times sketches and designs look great on paper, but fleshing out those ideas is a whole ‘nother ball of wax. But I think that is a trademark of FMD Weddings (and what I absolutely LOVE doing!)  – taking those sweet visions couples have & bringing them to life, making that day uniquely theirs. Thanks Dan & Lauren for letting me have that honor on your special day!



29 Jun

Just a couple of quick pics of flora from last weekend’s wedding! The bride was truly a girl after my own heart…a manager for one of the Anthropologie shops (eek, one of my FAVES!! – ‘eek’ because everything in there has a magnetic pull towards my wallet…) So to say the least, I had a ball designing the flowers!!

Lots of clean texture without fussiness – and a dash of fresh, unique flair:

More professional pics are starting to roll in! So after I get past this next busy wedding weekend, I’ll post some…stay tuned! 🙂

Don & Stina’s Ethereal Wedding at the Seattle Aquarium

1 Apr

Don & Stina’s wedding took place at the magical Seattle Aquarium. Being an ocean-loving California girl, this is one of my absolute favorite venues, and Tyler (the event coordinator there) is such a joy to work with!! If you’re not familiar with the venue, check out the below pics from Seattle’s beloved designer Luly Yang’s fashion show that took place there…out-of-this-world AMAZING!!!

From the moment I first met with Stina and her aunt Ruth, we instantly knew it was a great fit. I left the meeting with: (1) a head chock-full of ideas for her aquatic wedding, and (2) wanting Aunt Ruth to adopt me (everyone should have an Aunt Ruth – what a dear, dear lady!!)

The weather was sublimely perfect for the Ceremony that took place on the pier behind the Aquarium. It rained just enough to leave a clean, sweetly-scented sea breeze and the sun peeked out just enough from the parting clouds to cast an enchanting, ethereal glow on the whole event:

Lots of clean, modern lines and a touch of whimsical fern curls for the bouquets:

Stina rocked the orchid and freesia headband I made her!!



Sweet Aunt Ruth:

Love, LOVE her Amy Kuschel dress – gorgeous!!

Check out the ring of jellyfish in the background – simply spectacular!!!

On the last note, I received these sweet words from Stina after the wedding – a reminder of the sheer enjoyment and blessing of doing this for a living…


We just don’t know how to thank you for all that you did and how special you made our wedding.   The flowers were sooooo perfect.   Exactly what I had imagined.   Everything, the centerpieces, the bouquets, my headband, vases for the ceremony…..simply gorgeous and perfect.   You were so great to work with and made it so simple from the very beginning with meeting me where it was convenient for me.  I’m going to be sad not to have a reason to contact you anymore. 😦  

We were so lucky.  What a great day and a perfect place to have a wedding.   

Thank you so much!!

Oh Happy Day!!!!

Mike & Annie’s Seattle Tennis Club Wedding

1 Mar

Well here it is!! After lots of planning…putting-off…and well intentions, I’m excited to finally have florarama’s blog up and running! And what better way to start off then to post some of my favorite shots from this past wedding season.

At the top of that list is Annie & Mike’s wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club. What a joy it was working with these two, as they both put so much thought into the details that made their special day so meaningful. I absolutely love when the groom is as excited as the bride in the planning process, right there by her side, together planning one of the most important days of their lives – and then seeing them enjoy the fruit of all the sentimental creativity on their big day. And if I had one word to describe their wedding, it would be opulent. – From the swarovski crystal touches, to the design boards, and the wisteria-resembling arch for the ceremony…everything just dripped with opulence.

because the backside should always be as pretty as the front… 🙂

a sketch/watercolor from the design board I made for Annie.

Mike and Annie wanted an arch that reminded them of the climbing wisteria plants  they love at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Since wisteria doesn’t survive being cut and used in arrangements, we had a ball creating this replica – complete with hanging crystals on the ends that sparkled beautifully in the sunlight that day…voila!

Oh Happy Day!!